Pocket Expo

IFPC has taken a initiative for our upcoming fashion event ‘INTERNATIONAL FASHIONER WEEK’ through our digital platform for export promotion i.e ‘International Direct Export Promotion’. ​​We facilitate industry insiders to promote business by bringing together Designers /importers and exporters on our platform with the help of Direct Export Promotion like Print / Email / Calling.
We conduct digital exhibition for export promotion: Sourcing at Pocket Expo, which helps buyers to source exclusive collections and merchandise from India as well helps the Designers reach global business in a safe and secure manner with their exhibition collection. For our cataloger Apparel / Textile and Handicrafts we will be promoting Sourcing at Pocket Expo four times a year in Spring , Summer , Autumn and Winter.

Our platform can be the right choice for your company to provide digital promotion to your Brand and create business overseas and India.
Conventional exhibition often stage lucrative fashion shows our digital expo can work to create a similar scenario online and even more by making it a regular feature.
Our Team will be working closely to help facilitate all parties involved to facilitate business and create a win win situation for all.
IFPC – International Designer Membership Features
​1. Three Months of digital promotion on IFW online Multi Designer Store.
2. Designer can exhibit 30-40 garments at one go in digital Exhibition.
3. Networking with more than 600 + Invited buyers.
4. Access to Trade Watch : List of Invited Buyers.
5. Exclusive online designer account for IFW Designers.