Meet Our Team

Mr. Gunjan Batra

Founder & Director

Mr. Gunjan Batra is Founder/ Director of International Fashion Promotion Company. He has successful 17 year career in fashion industry with global exposure, spearheading corporate strategy, international operations, marketing and design.

His Vision and new initiative that aims to support and bring together emerging talent from across the globe transforming a pioneering and acclaimed platform for international fashion designers in India.

Mr. Gunjan brings a deep understanding of the International Markets and the challenges faced by fashion businesses in India.

Mr. Jatin Sharma

Cofounder & Director

Jatin Sharma, Founder of Valiant Media and Co-Founder of International Fashioner Week (IFPC) is an Indian television show producer, creative director, Marketing and Media enigma. Jatin, a creative project producer with over 17 years of nomadic and global work experience in varied fields and diverse territories in India.

His strengths lie in sharp intuitive understanding of media planning, buying, conceptualizing production, telling strategies for curating desired experiences for talents and brands.

He has focused his career on the creative imagery industry working worldwide as a Media and Event consultant with agency representation. His domain of expertise covers everything from shoots, photojournalism, to marketing production and documentary.

Mr. Anand

Business Director Global

As a young educational entrepreneur and MBA is International Business, Mr. Anand is best known for his carefully conceived programmes, He is the Founder Director of the Designer Lane, Pune, which is well known for providing a platform for emerging Fashion designers to connect with International shows and help them grow their Business. Mr. Anand, is setting another mile stone by collaborating with International Business Platform in India.

He brings passion and experience to the field of Fashion and a commitment to create a world class Fashion Week in India to cater to the standards and requirements of international design. He believes in quality inter-disciplinary programs that will nurture talent and intellectual curiosity, foster critical thinking along with giving the student Designers a core skill set. To this end he has set up an international standard with high-tech infrastructure and has engaged the best talent to give direction to the Designers.